Typical Pressure Seal Bonnet Y-Pattern Stop Check Valves

Cast Steel Seal Bonnet Y-Pattern Stop Check Valves This illustration represents a typical Kinka pressure seal y-pattern stop check valve. There will be some minor modifications in each class, type and size.
1. Body (The seat is formed on the body by stellite hard facing deposit).
2. Bonnet with stellited integral backseat.
3. Yoke is mounted directly on the body. In Type B design, sizes 4" and smaller have an integral yoke and gasket retainer which is screwed into the body to hold the gasket.
4. Disc with stellited seat surface.
5. Stem
6. Gasket Retainer is either a segmented ring (Type A) or one-piece threaded ring (Type B).
7. Gasket
8. Bonnet Nut
9. Gland is two-piece, ball type which exerts uniform pressure on the packing without binding the stem in the event that nuts are unevenly tightened.
10. Gland Packing
11. Anti-Friction Bearings are used on most valves.
12. Handwheel or Bevel-Gear Type Valve Operator